Week Six Lecture

User Scenarios


This lecture pod discusses how user scenarios may be effectively moderated in order to aid in designing a successful user interface by using a the story of a user and how they may interact or act. By considering the way certain types of users interact with a website, it will clarify what users are looking for when they visit the site. This is the testing process of a good design and it outlines who, how, when, why, where and when interactions on the site are used.

The proposed scenario indicates the users’ motivations and thought processes. A scenario as outline in the image refers to a narrative describing foreseeable interactions of users.Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 10.22.33 am.png

However, the scenario is not a reliable prediction but it helps to highlight all possibilities that may occur when a user interacts with the site. Once there is an understanding of the person, the problem and the context in which the persona would use the product can be used to develop specifics of the design.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 10.22.48 am.png

This simple design was made with only 2 screens as it considered the amount of time a user may have to interact with this design. Thus, it was designed to be a quick interaction and provide the user with what they are searching for.


This lecture pod greatly assisted in the completion of assessment 2 when conducting the persona research and placing ourselves into the shoes of the supposed user.

Week Six Lecture

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