Interactive Site – User Scenario

1. Main Users

Lily May and Santana Rivera

Lily – A fashionable individual who is currently completing tertiary studies at university and needs to juggle the workload alongside a part-time job.
Santana – A proud single mother of two that spend far too much time caring for her kids she often forgets to treat herself as well.

2. Tasks the user might perform

  • Read description and steps of marble nail art
  • Follow along step-by-step tutorial to attempt to learn and improve their skills
  • Apply their own nail polish at home

3. User Scenario

Lily usually has morning classes and following this, has work shifts at her local Lovisa jewellery store. The store requires dressing-up and make up and the time she has between class and work is taken up by travelling. She seeks another alternative to appear well-groomed and finds the concept of nail art as a go to as it is semi-permanent as it may last a few weeks. Following the app she is able to practice a few times before trusting it to last and she would have one less thing to worry about. 


Interactive Site – User Scenario

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