Interactive Design

Interactivity is a broad term that has many interpretations. As a whole, it usually involves engagement and reaction from various parties. Interaction design must cater to the different cognitive ways of thinking as each user perceives the world and processes information differently.

A designer searches what users need, and how they respond to certain things. This way, the designer is able to provide them with choices/outcomes that is within their control and it should be executed in a way that allows users to interact comfortably and easily.


Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 9.18.46 am

This site explores NASA astronaut Scott Kelly’s trip to the International Space Station and his time in space throughout 2015. It’s presented in episodes, making it easy to navigate the journey in chunks. The images are visually stunning, and the subject matter stirs the childlike spirit of exploration in all of us. The cherry on top is when the site breaks down the fourth wall by showing you where the International Space Station currently is, then explains how to walk outside and spot it in the sky.

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This explanatory content takes readers state by state through statistics about cholesterol-related issues. It involves a clickable map and separate data visualisations for each state make the story consistent and engaging.

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This is an interactive globe on all the airports of the world and it involves a hover and click function.


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