Precedent Presentation

Breakthrough: National Geographic

  • What is the interactive about?

A website introducing the National Geographic tv show Breakthrough that delves into major scientific discoveries occurring around the world.

  • Who is it designed for? (Target audience)

Young adults to adults such as students, researchers, journalists and people interested in science that have experience with technology.

  • What knowledge does it assume of the target audience I.e. digital literacy?

As it is a 360 environment, the navigation requires movement of cursor without click and dragging. This involves knowing when to click and when not to.

  • Describe the type of user interactions, and the user interface.

There are interactive buttons in the 360 universe depending on the topic in which the user would like to explore. These lead to an informative video where the user may still explore the background through moving around virtually. At the end there are more buttons that provide extra information.

  • What can you say about the visual design- layout, colour, and typography? How would you describe the style?

The design is very sci-fi, futuristic with computer/machine sound effects and electronic voices.

  • What improvements would you suggest?

When navigating the buttons, the cursor can be very sensitive and as there is a lot of detail in each page, certain devices and net speeds may not be able to run the website. There is a menu to jump to the different categories but it may be beneficial if they also had a plain page with the information.