Week One Lecture

Introduction to Interactive Design


This lecture pod provided the fundamental base in the process of understanding the concept of interaction design. It has touched on topics starting from various definitions and from a range of sources. These definitions allowed the freedom of interpretation as the full depth of interactive design cannot be described in just one way.

Verplank addressed three questions: do, feel and know. This is his interpretation of how designers search what users need, and how they respond to certain things. This way, the designer is able to provide them with choices/outcomes that is within their control and it should be executed in a way that allows users to interact comfortably and easily.

Interactivity is a broad term that has many interpretations. As a whole, it usually involves engagement and reaction from various parties. Interaction design must cater to the different cognitive ways of thinking as each user perceives the world and processes information differently.


This was an interesting and engaging first overview on interactive design. It has introduced new perspectives that I would not have considered before watching the pod. It has enhanced my understanding of interactive design which then prepare me for further reading and allocated tasks.

A quote that I found eye-opening was “Interactive media is not about information, its about experience” and how it is creating experiences for ourselves and others. This allowed me to view interactive media in a more meaningful light.

Week One Lecture